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Zillertal Alps Nature Park

Hiking in one of Europe's most beautiful nature parks

The Hotel Eden is located in the Zillertal Alps Nature Park, a 422 km² area of outstanding natural beauty stretching from Mayrhofen to the Main Alpine Ridge. It is home to five side valleys and around 80 glaciers in the Zillertal Alps up to 3,509 metres above sea level.

The nature park and its many climate zones have a huge diversity of flora and fauna such as eye-catching orchids, wetland birds and alpine animals including ibex and marmots. The journey from the Hotel Eden into this fascinating mountain world takes just a few minutes.

Der Hochgebirgs-Naturpark

  • 422 km² Kultur- und Naturlandschaft von 1.000 – 3.509 Meter
  • 200 geführte Wanderungen von Mai – Oktober mit NaturparkführerInnen
  • Spezielles Angebot für Familien & Kinder
  • Ausstellungen zu verschiedenen Natur-Themen im Naturparkhaus im Bergsteigerdorf Ginzling
  • Hotel Eden ist Naturpark Partnerbetrieb

Back to Nature

Protected area of outstanding natural beauty in the Zillertal Alps

Did you know that some of the earliest alpinists came from the Zillertal Valley and that this area is still famous for producing world-class mountain adventurers? It is little wonder if you raise your eyes to the skies and admire the fabulous peaks which line the valley from start to finish. What better destination, then, for a hiking holiday?

The Hotel Eden is a partner hotel of the Zillertal Alps Nature Park and offers guests free access to the many activities going on in the park during the summer months. All in all there are more than 200 guided hikes led by qualified guides, including local mountaineering legend Peter Habeler. Highlights include wildlife observation, visits to the pretty village of Ginzling and walks to the impressive Berliner Hütte hut built over 100 years ago high in the mountains.

The Zillertal Alps Nature Park is a true haven for hikers and nature lovers.

Summer activities in the nature park


  • May until October
  • Over 200 guided hikes with 30 different themes
  • Hikes to the Berliner Hütte hut
  • Wildlife observation
  • Herb hikes
  • Summit ascents with famous local mountaineer Peter Habeler
  • Llama trekking
  • Fun activities for children
  • Lush pastures in the Zillergrund
  • Presentations & excursions

Off to the Zillertal Valley!

Spend your next holiday in the stunning Zillertal Alps Nature Park and experience the mountains at first hand.
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