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Hiking Highlights

Check out the best walks and views in the valley

The Zillertal Valley has a long and proud history. The best way to explore the valley and learn about this local history is on foot. Little wonder that the Zillertal Valley and the Tuxertal Valley are known throughout Tyrol and beyond as one of the top destinations for hikers of all ages and fitness levels. Right at the heart of this hiking paradise is the Hotel Eden. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you spend an unforgettable stay with us in the mountains.

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Sunrise Hike

Hotel owner Alexander Erler loves the mountains and takes pride in sharing this passion with his guests at the Hotel Eden. That is why he regularly sets his alarm clock for an early start and accompanies visitors into the Alps on sunrise hikes. Getting up in the middle of the night might not be what you expect to be doing on holiday, but trust us: the sight of the sun coming up over the mountains and the total peace and quiet atop a peak overlooking the valley is a unique experience that makes waking up early more than worthwhile.

Valley to Peak

Thanks to its exceptional topography from under 1,000 metres above sea level to over 3,000 metres, the region in and around the Zillertal Valley gives hikers the unique opportunity to experience many different types of landscape and vegetation. Each of the three main levels (valley, treeline, peak) has its own flora and fauna, and there are plenty of themed hiking trails with useful and interesting information about life in the Alps. Which areas and levels you explore is, of course, entirely up to you. Don't forget to stop off at one of the traditional huts for a healthy and hearty snack overlooking the majestic glaciers.

Themed Hikes

The Zillertal Valley is full of themed hiking trails where walkers can both enjoy the landscape and at the same time learn about the local flora and fauna. All in all there are more than 30 themed trails in the region suitable for families. Each has information boards and hands-on stations where children and adults alike can find out more about the animals and plants native to the Tyrolean Alps. A great day out for all the family!

Activity stations

Ready, Steady ... Go!

Enjoy an unforgettable hiking holiday at the four-star Hotel Eden in the Zillertal Valley!
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